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Bad frank

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The viewer is both endeared to Frank, and yet, a bit unsure and unnerved by him as he steps tentatively through his day, like a barefoot man walking through a room full of broken glass.

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Finally Frank and Mickey meet up to exchange hostages. A decent job, a handsome wife Amanda Claytona cozy house and…. Mickey threatens to tell Frank that Travis has had sex with his wife, and reveals more of Bad Frank's past. I don't know his name either but I recognized him by his face.

Frank beats Mickey to death, then, covered in blood, tells Gina he wants to try to start over. Mickey meanwhile has taken Travis prisoner, and shows him a cellphone video of Travis having sex with Gina. But it has a really good build up and the ending really packs a punch.

Frank is reluctant, but agrees "This is the last time! Despite ftank inner conflict, his external world appears stable and secure, with a nice suburban house and a beautiful, loving wife. In the meantime, his friend Travis Brandon Heitkamp asks him if he'll ride along as backup while he does a job.

But look at this. Pissed, Gina takes the truck and goes to visit her friend, Travis' wife. You're a fucking pussy.

Two Black men show up, and we find out it's a drug buy. It's bad, I could just end right there at "it's bad" but I won't. In short, we have seen many examples of both fictional and factual personal transformations. The film ends with Frank driving off with Gina crying, still vrank up in the back of his truck.

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Bad Frank is a slick and polished product, from the quality of the print to the sound de, it is an impressive effort by first-time director Tony Germinario. The standout performances by Kevin Interdonato and Tom Sizemore push all of the right emotional buttons, and they toy with your emotions as you find yourself rooting for and against them at different points in the film. Frank is an ex-marine who got into trouble due to his hot-tempered character and he's forced to end franj military career.

In a heart-rendering moment, father and son reminisce about a day spent together at a professional baseball game, one in which Frank caught a foul ball, and how much Bad frank yearns for the connection he and his father once shared on that day.

Mickey and his associate, Frrank Russ Russoare drug dealers, and this revelation gives us a clearer picture of the kind of man Frank once was years ago. You're not a big tough guy.

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After some racist banter, Had and Niko shoot both men and steal the drugs. Really great acting from everyone involved. In a painfully awkward encounter, Frank seeks out his father in a local bar and attempts to engage in conversation with him, but it is a stilted and one-sided affair, with Frank nervously making small talk, while his father keeps his eyes trained on the baseball game on the television, not gad bothering to look at his son sitting on the stool next to him.

Later that night, Frank meets his wife and Travis at a bar.

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Frank has seen the video, and tells Mickey that he has taken everything from him. They are estranged, because Frajk has a history with alcohol, drugs, and violence.

He meets Travis in a bar and tells him he is going to franj police. Still, it's a good watch and Kevin Interdonato might be someone to watch for in the future.

Plus there really isn't that much action in it, instead we get long drawn out scenes that could have easily been shorter but the director tries to make this movie have a fgank. In one memorable sequence, Frank is beside himself with self-doubt and fear as he tries to psyche himself up to confront Mickey on the phone. I didn't recognize anyone till the frak who plays Mickie showed up. The pathos that Interdonato conveys in this scene is just heart rendering.

Frank is fighting with his wife, Gina Amanda Claytonbecause of bad frank over witnessing the shootings and because he still can't get his meds. Just think of the age-old tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge and how in the course of one harrowing night he saw the error of his ways and transformed from a miserly curmudgeon into a benevolent philanthropist. The music by Michael Long, combined with the work of the sound department, effectively adds to the underlying feeling of unease and tension that runs through this film.

When Charlie refuses to help, Frank attacks the bouncer and beats him.

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Written by The Black Cat Related. This ratchets up the tension as we anticipate something potentially ominous looming on the horizon. People change religions, politicians change their party affiliations, scientists adopt new theories. Plot[ edit ] After having sex with his wife, seemingly nice guy Frank is having trouble because he's out of his meds. The movie makes itself out to be a badass action movie which it's the direct opposite of that, it's seriously painful to watch with the horrendous acting and writing.