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Service Details. Catalyst are a not for profit organisation who work catallyst partnership with Surrey and Boarders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to offer support such as counselling for people and their friends and families for issues related to drug and alcohol use. Delivering food, medicines, household goods etc Special projects supporting victims of cuckooing referred by the police and other organisations.

They also provide mental health and cataltst wellbeing support as part of Community Connections.

Very often people who use substances are dealing with traumatic events in their lives. Catalyst About this service Catalyst is a not for profit organisation which offers adult drug and alcohol users across Surrey access to support, reducing the harm to themselves, their families and communities.

Drug and alcohol use can have devastating effects on other people. Text: : info catalystsupport. Surrey Views Catalyst Catalyst, the Surrey-wide non-profit surry providing specialist drug, alcohol and mental health and wellbeing support, remains open during COVID for referrals to all our vital support services.

Most mill products pass through this facility, which also handles shipments for other manufacturers. Support to help people understand what is happening, answer any questions and help people meet others who are going through the same thing is very important.

Catalyst Catalyst surrey Catalyst is a non-profit organisation working with people who are dealing with issues stemming from drug and alcohol misuse and mental health — including housing, involvement with criminal justice, relationships with family and friends and getting back into work. The Surrey Distribution Centre can handle your inbound and outbound cargo via barge, rail, truck and container. All these services are offering telephone support and are developing alternative and online materials and activities.

With counselling we can help people gain the skills needed to find other ways to deal with difficulties, and help lead to an improved quality of life and a real belief in a better future.

Catchment areas they serve. Counselling for those struggling with substance use issues is provided through the Reach Out and is available for friends and family as well.

Catalyst is a member of the Smartway transportation efficiency program, as are most of its key freight suppliers. We also offer counselling to people struggling with mental health catslyst such as stress and anxiety who might also have substance use as an additional problem. Families, friends and carers Catalyst Having a loved one who has a drug or alcohol problem can be very difficult. There are peer groups, one to one support and a range of activities available to provide support.

Catalyst outreach teams are still supporting clients as key workers in line with safe COVID protocols. We work in partnership with i-access to provide support with all drug use and dependant drinking The Welcome Project, part of Catalyst, provide support for people struggling with their emotional wellbeing and mental health Alpha is a community enterprise, owned by Catalyst, offering people with complex needs assertive care packages including life skills, budgeting and maintenance.

Delivering food, medicines, household goods etc Alpha — supporting complex and vulnerable people referred by local authorities and other organisations.

To be catlyst of an integrated County-wide substance misuse service tier 2, 3 and 4 specifically for alcohol dependence and problematic drug use, and complex needs physical health, mental health, pregnancy, may also include learning disability, safeguarding and complex detoxes within a range of treatment and recovery pathways.

In return for your commitment and hard work we can offer: — A competitive salary! All services are free and Catalysf are friendly and welcoming — believing in the ability to change.

Our professional staff will accurately manage your inventory and shipments, with a focus on safe handling, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Service Details. Our reach out counselling service is open to anyone over the age of 16, providing support for those affected by substance misuse.