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Chastity key holding

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Plastic locks: These are remcommended for anyone who has to travel through airports or other security, or for those not brave enough yet for brass locks. I make him earn his release.

Holdding Locks Locks can be created and shared for other users to use. We can do this in person or on a video call. Remember — not talking about chastity for a little while is yet another way to tease him! Your health is a priority too! The best method of my control will depend on location, experience and length of lock up and will be discussed once a tribute is received.

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Plaything A monthly membership group perfect for boys who wish to play without committing to full control. A keyholder can be anyone — as long as that person consents to the role. I do much prefer to reward than to punish as my punishments are just that - a punishment and not something you would enjoy.

No is important — and no is wanted. He will make decisions unilaterally about when he gets unlocked and how he gets to come. Tasks vary from boy to boy and depends on my mood, the season, or even something I might have seen or read that day or something I need done to make my day easier.

It takes time and trust to develop. To be eligible for My chastity training service you must have your own chastity cage. Instead of offering a basic service that Cahstity personally wouldn't be happy receiving, I've decided to promote some trusted professional keyholders that offer a service you deserve.

Maybe sometimes you unilaterally decide what day he gets to come. We know there are many professionals offering keyholding on Twitter, websites, etc but unfortunately some aren't genuine from our experience and stories told to us by men in chastity seeking a keyholder. As you begin experimenting with chastity together, your partner will probably make a lot of suggestions.

Chastity and keyholding

Cock cages are deed to hold the penis snugly so that that the caged individual cannot escape of his own will. This allows you to restore your locks to another device should you lose access to the original device you installed ChastiKey on. I think all men should be in chastity…the world would be a much better place! And, of course, the keys which open that lock.

I will post one key to you, that way if Royal Mail lose the key, I can still post the spare key. All of our LockTheCock cock cages come with two keys. Therefore, anyone wishing to become one of my Owned Pets must prove themselves worthy before I will agree to take ownership.

From his fantasy to your reality

There's a choice of round or heart-shaped dog tags. The second key should remain in possession of the keyholder at all times.

The caged individual is literally putting their pleasure and safety into your hands. But we both know you lack the self control to train yourself properly. BOTH you and your partner should have safewords you can use to remove yourself from the chastity dynamic. Think about it as being handed a shiny new toy that belongs only to you. I can also send a dog tag for you to wear with your padlock.

Chastity keys represent your control, his submission, chsatity power and his denial. Other options may be available for additional prices. That does not mean it becomes your only role.

Keyholding services

More details about this option here. For a small charge you can upgrade to a pink padlock. But keyholding can also be a lot of fun. No, as I say all the time I believe all boys are at their best when they are locked in Chastity.

About myself

Maybe sometimes you make the decision together. Service I offer and how it works The key holding service is just that.

Think you have the guts to be my chaste pindick? I can post overseas to some countries, again for additional price. Luckily for you chaste losers, I offer a chastity key holding service. The only way to find out is to submit and find out for yourself.

You do not need to register an with an address and password to use ChastiKey. Mix it up, especially when it comes to his nolding.

Becoming a chastity keyholder - a guide

Owned Pet Becoming one of my Owned Pets is a privilege that not many earn. You may start aching, desperatly wanting to rub that pathetic cock Locked in Keyholding provides you with the chaxtity chastity keyholding experience. With your cock locked up, you will be more focused on work, your life and your submission to Me than on wanking and watching porn. I will send you the lock in the post and then after the agreed time send you the key.


Various Options Each ChastiKey lock that you set up comes with a of options. Chasrity control when you get to take it out and put it away. What tasks can I expect? From His Fantasy to Your Reality Most male chastity relationships begin at the request of the partner who wishes to be caged. Here are some tips for new keyholders to help you turn your role from a scary new obligation to something fun and pleasurable for all: Keyholding for Beginners: Helpful Tips You make the rules.

I enjoy men submitting to Me. There you can ohlding any of the different locks shared, share a lock yourself for someone to load, or post a request for a keyholder.