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Drunken sex stories I Am Wanting Sex Hookers

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Drunken sex stories

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I will provide discreet financial boobiesistance in exchange for fun times. Dress for sex m4w I am sotries for a sexy female that enjoys dressing up for her man. BBW ladies only. If you are a bbw and have a cute face, i want you im just seeking for a girl that is curvy in all the right places, cute, and can laugh and talk with me.

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Super drunk. On the last night I was there, I was drinking heavily at a house party with my best friend and some of her friends.

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I found myself in the bathroom and thought this substitute would work perfectly as fire lube. That big ole ass and 2. I told him that i wanted him to fuck my wife while she was passed out.

So we go back to more making out, oral and other foreplay; I even get three fingers into his butt! The friend on my couch was blacked out so I assured drinken he would be no trouble so we fooled around and were having a good time despite some whiskey dick troubles. Holy shit. So I pump two spurts of hand soap on my hand and go back to the bedroom.

I apologized profusely and offered her a ride home. Luckily I actually knew this bouncer from a job I had.

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Preface: I was a virgin in college. At some point in the evening, after more than a few drinks we ended up killing a fifth of liquor between just us two that nightI end up on his lap in a real short skirt and some thigh highs. She has olive skin and average size breasts, about a C but with huge brown areolas and big nipples. I checked in a week or so later to make sure she was alright she was.

It was Halloween.

My wife’s drunken night

I started laughing because of how bizarre the situation was considering my buddy told me the story the day before. I was doing pretty well this night and a girl I had met a couple days earlier was staying in bed with me.

I have no shame. I said she went crazy after we got to the room and made me stick all my storiess in both her holes till she came. Worst part, she got back together with her ex a week later, and nothing else ever happened between us. I have brougt it up in pillow talk while shes drunk and she enthusiastically plays along. She is by no means a model, but she more than makes up for it with 2 things.

Here’s 14 stories from people who’ve had some truly embarrassing and f*cked up drunk sex

We fucked anyway, then had a bizarrely depressing conversation about how desperate we both were and that was that. His only received information was that I was in the process of having sex and his son was laying there covered up. And made sure my wife was still out. We get a cab back to my apartment and start getting down. I open the door expecting a drunk friend druhken puked but instead was met with the father of my friend on the couch.

Right after this I stood up from the bed because I had to pee, wrapped my naked self in his comforter, staggered to the middle of the room before I realized I was already peeing, and then just stood there and decided to finish peeing on his carpeted bedroom floor. The next day she was laughing about it and we still get down to this day.

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After they leave; we decide that we want to try butt sex with one another, so we head out of our hotel room to go get some condoms from his car. The last couple of times she has passed out i was able to fuck her in her hairy pussy and tight asshole. He climbed on the bed and spread her thick legs then he positioned his big cock head against her dark pussy lips and without warning rammed her all 10 inches in her stretching cunt thats when she let out a muffled painfull moan.

Finally there is a knock on my bedroom door. In college, I woke up in my bedroom with a massive hang-over, and found two used condoms next to my bed. Not only had he known me since I was young and was forced to view me in my full glory but he had no idea stroies there was a girl there at all.


We worked landscaping together over the summer so I understood how he could be that tired, but I had no idea how that could ever happen. The husband was a co worker of his.

Only after 2 mins of sending the pics he called me. I mean she only needs a few and shes smashed and horny.

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I slept on the couch that night. But I only have a 5 inch penis and have come to relize Im a cuckold. A couple months go by and I am at a party with some old high school friends.