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Not so long ago, in the 90s, art was deliberately shocking and some were duly shocked to visit galleries and be shown Myra Hindleyunmade beds and toy Nazis.

While more than 70, saw the show at London's Olympia in November, only 20, people are expected in Manchester this weekend. It is the just the spectre of an oppressive past wearing new clothes — and if we fall for the disguise we away every liberal value.

But while London council chiefs granted the exhibition a full nudity licence, the Manchester event is only allowed topless stage shows. This wide-ranging and engaging study will prove especially useful for those interested in the transmission and translation of Greco-Roman texts.

City erotica show may be the last

Hylas and the Nymphs is no masterpiece. There have been 11 shows altogether - nine in London and two in Manchester.

The director of adult exhibition Erotica said the show, which opens at the city's G-Mex Centre today, could be the last of its kind to be held in the North because too few people are attending. Yet the conversation can only really be about one thing: should museums censor works of art on political grounds? Adult goods "But the northerners just haven't responded in sufficient s.

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To English translators and authors, the complex plots, well developed moralised characters particularly female and rhetorical styles of the ancient novels ify political and social reform. Generous quotation and translations ensure that European Erotic Romance is accessible to a broad spectrum of readers.

Erotica spokeswoman Emma Sayle said: "We thought Manchester was a sexy city, but perhaps we were wrong. Even a kinky old Victorian perv has his right to paint soft-porn nymphs. Removing nymphs from a gallery opens a fresh perspective.

Picasso contains a jaw-dropping amount of salivating sexist visions To remove this work art from view is not an interesting critique but a crass gesture that will end up on the wrong side of history. Event director Savvas Christodoulou says he will pull the plug on next year's northern exhibition if s do not increase.

Creativity has never been morally pure. Reviews The attention paid to the initial reception of Greek romance across Renaissance Europe is unparalleled.

Philhellene protestantism, renaissance translation and english literary politics

Culture falls silent as the grave. The great freedoms of modernity include, like it or not, freedom of sexual expression. It is suitable for use by senior undergraduates and specialists in Renaissance literature, translation, rhetoric and history.

Providing fresh insight into the development of the novel, this study identifies the politicisation of erotic romance by the European philhellene lovers of all things Greek Protestant movement. Remove it and the conversation is killed stone dead.

And there is just enough time for Tate Modern to cancel its forthcoming Picasso show, which is guaranteed to contain a jaw-dropping quantity of salivating sexist visions. Mr Christodoulou said: "We've tried to warm this city up for more than two years - now that's what I call foreplay.

My, what a utopia these new puritans have in mind — a world that backtracks 60 years or more into an era of repression and hypocrisy. There can only be one answer if you believe in human progress.

Its organisation lends itself to use as a course text.