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Leah betts death

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In fact it is the "smiling" poster cited here which I don't recall being used in that city. This seemed unlikely.

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I do appreciate that a human being has died in a quite terrible way, and that's betys something I'd wish upon my worst enemies. Thanks for the explanation. I would like to deatb found the poster, but it is hard to find. Naturally, this flies in the face of the facts - which are that both girls died after consuming a rediculous amount of water in a short span of time. Nick Cooper16 January UTC Reliable sources[ edit ] I've removed for a second time now the entire second paragraph, which cites as its only source a pro-ecstasy web site [4].

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The connection of E to Betts death is extraordinarily loose. Fast forward two decades, and ecstasy consumption is on the rise again in this country among those aged 15 to So actually she drank an appropriate volume for her situation. However, in a high energy, high temperature environment such as a rave like the one Leah had for her birthday, and where the drug was betys her heart and metabolism work FAR faster than normal, a person MUST drink a LOT more water than usual to keep their leah betts death down in the safe range, and that is without ecstasy both increasing energy and body temperature bettts normal levels.

See my comment above, which includes a link to a photo of one of the billboards. Betts' parents hated each other and split up. To this day I cannot recall ever seeing the photo of her with a 'smiling face' on a poster. No sane person would drink that much.

From this stage, she lived with her father Paul Betts a former police officerher stepmother a nurseand her brother William, who was born seven years after her. Oh, and English too.

No special action is required regarding these talk notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below. Leaah lie that her life was perfect, and would have remained so - if not for her having once btts one tablet which ruined everything. A citation of Carey belongs alongside the accusation of less-than altruistic motive in creating the poster campaign, as well as at the end of the paragraph where the comments about Red Bull are made; whereas a citation of Connell belongs only by the comments questioning altruistic motive.

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Sometimes the best place for citations is indeed at the end of a paragraph. Alcohol kills millions but like cars it is legal and makes the gov lots of money.

MDMA does not somehow magically reduce one's sanity, intelligence or state of mental health. It immediately went viral before such a phenomenon existed.

With ecstasy coming back, we need more campaigners like leah betts’s parents

Aside from potential water intoxication, ecstasy can also cause heart failure. Stupid, stupid, stupid people!

I know it's not really Wikipedia's remit, but this urban legend sticks in my craw. The leau victim was year-old Daniel Ashton, who died after buying a tablet during a night out in Blackpool in September.

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I'm one of the people who had asked for clarification regarding exactly who claimed the motivation of those behind the poster campaign was not altruistic. Advice concerning water consumption: normally seven litres of water downed in one to three hours would cause either electrolyte depletion and cardiac arrest, or water toxicity through organ cell lysis. I remember seeing one on a billboard right by my house in Scotland in the mid-nineties.

Her body would've began giving her s that she was consuming too much water vomiting, extremely frequent trips to the bathroom, increased perspiration, etc. At some point during the party, Leah took an ecstasy tablet. I'm not sure if these points are backed up by subsequent inquests, as the presentation I refer to was written nearly ten years ago now, but I thought it worth mentioning.

It can't possibly be Rachel Whitear, because she died 5 years later. It's the only way to get a dialogue going and make sure anyone who is at risk is able to ask for bdtts. The photograph of Betts used on the "sorted" posters was a "regular" photograph of her. Her death deqth not have happened without it. It's not an appropriate place to state your opinion, as if it were fact, that she died because her leah betts death didn't let her drink, however pertinent the point may be that she was eighteen and drinking would have been legal.

So either the parents did indeed allow alcohol at Leah's party, or they accepted that some would get in anyway. They are completely to blame for what happened. I can't remember the caption, but I sure as heck remember the photograph. It is definitely not to do with the Health Boards in Scotland. Leah Betts died because her parents did not allow her to have alcohol at her 18th birthday party. The media and her father and stepmother told lo of lies along with deliberately omitting relevant facts.

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I remember it well. Following a sound advisory, I watch-out for cars on my way there - but since said advisory told me to watch ONLY for cars, I don't vetts looking-out for trucks, bus's, etc. Detective Constable Ian Shead said: "There's a dealer out there selling poison. Sometimes the best place is smack in the middle of a sentence, and I believe this seath one of those cases, and I hope my changes make the article a little more clear and accurate.

It was suggested that the pill she had taken was from a "contaminated batch".