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Lesbian massage stories Seeking Private Sex

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Lesbian massage stories

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I Know She's Out There (Fem4Stud) I'm an AA lesbian femme looking for a stud to get to know and possibly build something of substanance with.

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Had she given herself away?

She acknowledged that it had happened with her agreement and she accepted that she had enjoyed it. Her name was Laura, a savvy intelligent woman who was in charge of 15 staff and would probably rise much higher.

Lesbian massage (1): two sexy stories (big city massage and seducing a star)

Her eyes were bright, lfsbian, happy and a deep, deep blue. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. This is a work of fiction. The joy of making her muscles scream had a purging effect on her and made her feel a different sotries almost normal she often smiled afterwards.

They even met a couple of minor celebrities — a one-time breakfast television presenter and a moderately well known fashion deer.

She might be a respectable middle class housewife, an owner of a publishing firm and the wife of an eminent corporate lawyer. Alice wondered. Each time was similar.

Cat felt her nudity. But she was pushing the boundaries of conventionality to the extreme. It was a beautiful ceremony; the best destination wedding Allyssa had ever attended.

Lesbian massage – and i had no idea

From time to time she got to indulge her desire for her own sex, occasionally even being slipped a ten, twenty or fifty pound note after. It started with a visit to Bangles, the trendy nightclub just off 42nd Street that was extremely difficult to enter without the right connections. Fortunately, maybe, he left as she was showering. She again tried to push the wanton thoughts out of her mind.

I wants sexual partners

It was a seminal moment in each massage for her mind was now anticipating the hands on her breasts lesbiqn them. Alice had enjoyed all the attention and found that she was able to talk easily with pretty much everyone - even with those who had found a little bit of fame and fortune.

She wanted anonymous sex with everything ambiguous and with ultimate deniability. In the pool it had been the life guard who she had thought would bring the sexual relief that her robust work out had created. What indeed could she do? Inevitably that has affected their marriage and particularly their sex life, which at the best nowadays is intermittent. Not too fast, not too slow.

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Still Hetti wanted more. She did what comes so easily to any woman and gently rubbed her fingers along the cotton covered slit and lips. Cat felt the desire begin to flow from deep inside her and was sensing the build-up of moisture as her growing passion began to take a liquid form. Had the masseuse worked out that she was turned on, that her mind was seething with erotic thoughts and that orgasm was her objective.

Feeling the towel being removed from her breasts and knowing the girl was looking at them always got to Cat. Missus Catherine Moore wife of a leading corporate lawyer fucked by a woman on a massage table, she envisaged as an unlikely headline in her local newspaper.

The fellow bridesmaid – the erotic story of a sensual massage

She adored their soft smoothness and their feminine smell. He mind had also reacted to the twin messages of sharp, but delicious pain with both surprise and gratification. Unbeknown to Cat, the masseuse liked women. It was too late for analysis, for debate, for wondering and for inhibitions. Find out which one matches your desires. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

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It was near where she worked three days a week in the publishing firm her family had owned for three lesbuan. Every sinew in her body told her that, told her that this was a screwed up woman who needed satisfying, told her in fact that she wanted to be fucked. It was after nine and there were few people around for it closed at eleven. All of it would come off in the ladies room when I arri Why was she feeling like this?

After the swim, steam and sauna Cat was, as usual on the massage table. On the massage table, now naked apart from the small towel draped across her lower stomach, she knew the answer. She slightly, almost imperceptibly but noticed by Hetti, parted her thighs.

No ties. As much as Hetti got big kicks from initiating women into what she believed their bodies were intended for, sex with their own gender, she also wanted something for herself. So natural and Cat realised so exciting.

I was already dressed for work--or lesbin in what I wore to work: Sweatpants, baggy T-shirt. She also could not stop her mouth opening and her tongue running round her dry lips or her fingers gripping tightly the clean cotton fitted massagd on the massage table. Wedding over, Allyssa kicked off her shoes and strolled down the beautiful beach. But it was too soon for that. Her fingers slid into the shining pubic hairs right to the very edge of the glistening pink lips which nestled so invitingly in the abundant wetness.

Yes the extremes of the burn made her feel horny.

What's your pleasure?

She tried thinking of work, but then her mind focused on the new, young marketing director. The life guard kept coming into her mind and the sensuous experience of the hands on her back began to fan the already inflamed passions in her mind and body.

At any rate, she was anxious to impress her. Secure in the supposed secrecy of her own thoughts she allowed her mind to wander along the unknown path of female with female lovemaking.