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Massage herne hill

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As well as pain relief and improving muscle tension it can: -encourage blood flow to extremities, muscles and organs -improve skin condition and elasticity -assist hormone balance; increase endorphins; reduce the negative effects of adrenalin -improve digestion.

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General massage strokes are used in a much slower, deeper and focused way in order to reach the sub-layers of muscles and fascia the connective tissue surrounding muscles. This is actual massage time, all additional consultation and maesage time is free of charge.

My training hherne given me the techniques required to resolve these issues for my clients. I provide massage therapy for adults on the haematology and oncology wards including the bone marrow transplant unit. My body started compensating for my injures, I started getting lower back pain and eventually my other hamstring got injured from taking on the extra weight.

I am also trained in massaging people receiving treatment for cancer. I was finally recommended to a sports massage therapist, where I received different types of remedial massages sure as deep tissue massage, sports injury massage and with his help I was finally able to get back training. I suffered quite a bit from recurring hamstring injuries.

Massage therapist in herne hill, se24

In the spirit of holistic practise, I combine techniques and tailor each treatment to suit you and your individual needs. I went back to night college and studied to become a massage therapist, then a sports injury massage therapist and onto an advanced clinical massage therapist.

My intention is that my clients feel immediate benefit from my work, but also the opportunity to maintain these benefits in an ongoing way. You're welcome to message, or masdage to discuss the ways in which I can assist you in your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

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Masxage harder I tried to get back training, the longer it was taking. It was during this time in the massage couch that I began to appreciate how vital and important the role of sports massage is in helping to aid in the recovery from injuries. For more information or to book a massage, please contact me on or claire clairebest-holisticmassage. The consultation is not included in your massage minutes.

Herne hill massage

Each session incorporates working and communicating with the client, and making sure that we work within their pain barrier. I also like to get my clients actively involved within the session, I amssage if the client partcipates then they generally get more out of the session. Parking is free all week except weekdays between 12 and 2pm. Typically, the men and women I help, tend to either have recurring injuries or in chronic long term pain.

I help people recover from injuries and aid in the restoration of hilp bodies to the point where they feel ready to go back exercising.

At first I tried to train on through the injury,which only made things worse for myself. Why am I the right person to help you get back to back exercising.

Through massage and after care I will support you to release the tension and prevent its return with aftercare. Take a look at my website.

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These injuries prevent them from carrying out exercise to their maximum potential, either because of fear of the injury recurring or because their muscles have deteriorated due to the chronic pain causing the muscles to be in abnormal positions. My massage treatments last 60 or 90 minutes. I remember feeling guilty and frustrated at not being able to train.

It would be several years later that I would start my journey to become what I am today. By massaging and relaxing muscles, holistic massage therapy has hikl knock on effect on all systems of the body. At the same time ensuring that the muscles involved get a treatment.

Free parking except pm. Research shows that your baby can benefit greatly form massage, as endorphins are released by you during the massage and passed onto your baby.