Playbox HD for ios

Playbox hd app is the awesome app which allows us to watch video content freely on our mobiles and bcompatible devices. But, you might be wondering that it was an android app and how should we get Playbox HD on iOS then worry not this article serves the purpose. This app is also available for iOS devices as well. The only thing is that it is not available on your favourite and famous apple app store.

So what to do ? Where to get it?

So those who want to get this Playbox HD we have the solution for you and it is right in front of you. Just go through our app which will educate you on this topic. The full procedure of downloading and installing are given below step by step. Read carefully and follow them.

Before going to that let’s just check some features and facts of this Playbox app to analyse it more and get the insights which will also help you to decide whether to download it or not.

Key features of Playbox HD iOS:

Unique and Compact design

The user interface of the playbox is so fantastic that you will love using it. The navigation through app is also smooth. Easy usage and simplicity of the app stands out completely.

Massive database of videos

The video content on this app is spread across all genres and categories. All the new movies, latest webseries, shows and episodes are available here for you. Also, if you don’t find anything you are searching for worry not it will be available as soon as possible.

Watch Later

Marking of favourites, auto marking the watched content and favourite marking the genres and shows to watch later are also some of the features to be noticed of this app.

Offline availablity

This app allows you to download the videos which then will be available to you when you are offline. This is good for low data users and frequent travelers.

Let’s hop on to the topic you are here for.

Download Playbox HD for iOS:

Here, we have given a link to the download location of the ipk file of Playbox HD app for iPhone and other iOS devices. Click on the link given below to download this app.

Installing Playbox hd on iOS:

Basically to install this app there are two major ways which will let you install Playbox hd on iOS without any problem and issues. Also, this two ways are completely safe and you need not jailbreak the device for it. It’s completely safe and secure to install this app. The only thing is that because of free content issues it is not available in the app Store directly so you will have to install it as a third party app.

Process 1:

  1. Go to our above download section and click on the link provided above. The download page will open. Download the playbox hd ipk file from there and store it in you device at the accessible place.
  2. After its done, go to file manager on the device and find the file of the app. Click on it. It will ask you to install this app. Click on install.
  3. The install process will start instantly. Wait for few seconds to complete the process. Once it’s over you can access the app.

Thus, you have installed the app three short steps successfully. This is the best way to download the app and install it. But if you still face issues or not able to download it then do the following process.

Process 2: ( via Vshare)

  1. Go to apple app store and find Vshare app.
  2. Install this Vshare app in your device. This app is also completely free and safe to use.
  3. Now, register in this app and find our Playbox HD app in it.
  4. After, you find it click on the download button the download will start instantly and automatically after downloading the installation will start instantly.

It will be done in few moments. Thus, you have successfully completed the Playbox hd app Installation on your iOS device.

Final Thoughts

The playbox hd app is completely a blessing for the people who like watching online video content on their devices completely free. This app is completely safe and worry not to install it. It will just provide you happiness and not worries. Also, to be noted that sometimes few videos doesn’t play then you should switch the servers to watch the show. That’s it. Have a good time.

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