PlayBox HD Alternatives

You will be amazed to know how many playbox HD alternatives are available on multiple devices such as Android, iPhone, ios, windows, mac, and pc to Watch unlimited high-quality TV series and movies. This article is all about solving your queries about playbox HD app and all of its alternatives. 

Apps like playbox HD are getting more popularity and recognition mainly among smartphone users. using these applications is as simple as using the applications from the Play Store and more uniquely these applications do not require rooting or jailbreaking at all however, you may need tools such as v share. so without wasting any more of your streaming time let’s go to the bellow list of the best playbox HD alternatives as of 2019.

Best playbox HD alternatives 2019

1. Movie HD

movie HD is one of the best alternatives for playbox HD on devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. It offers high-quality streaming, as well as low quality, content too. you can stream movies and TV series online as well as download offline so even when you are not connected to the internet you can enjoy high-quality content hassle-free and according to your own convenience. The user interface is well designed and easy to operate.

2. Sky HD 

Sky HD is also one of the best alternative of playbox HD available exclusively for Android from the developers of playbox HD the working and overall experience is more or less same almost with the same features also the overall categories for the search term is almost the same. it’s more like a version of playbox HD the user interface is also the same. 

3.Movie box

 who doesn’t like to watch TV series and movies at a zero cost? gone are the days where we used to buy DVDs and even search for pirated movies and TV shows as Movie box fulfills our needs and cravings and Allows us to access HD quality content such as movie and TV series for free Whether it be Android or iOS the free version of movie box is available on both the operating systems. one of the unique features of the movie box is that you can download the content on your mobile device and access it in offline mode.  there is no need of rooting or jailbreaking on your operating systems.


When it comes to free high-quality movie streaming BobbyHD provides you with its unique features and variety of HD content on your smartphone. BobbyHD is one of the best mod app compared to playbox HD which gives you access to unlimited free and better quality content. Unique features include smart downloads to view movies and tv series in offline mode, get recommendations based on your taste and matter of interest, get notifications for new content. The good news is you don’t need to root your android device all jailbreak on iPhone. BobbyHD app is being regularly updated for new movies and tv series and better user experience and moreover, the app is now supported on chromecast also includes subtitles in various languages. Comes with a direct ready to install version no need of any other supporting application.

5.Movies by Flixter

Movies by Flixter runs operates on a different set of protocol such as some movies for free and some movies with paid options. This is the application which mostly targets film lovers to get easy access to the information to new releases and upcoming news related to the world of cinema, however, creating an account on flixter doesn’t let you download or stream movies but you can watch TV trailers of the movies in HD. what makes this app stand out from its competitors is that it’s associated with rotten tomatoes which is one of the top websites for movies in the world hence you can get access a huge database that has information on movies, directors, actors, etc. including the work of critics and users reviews.

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