PlayBox HD Alternatives

Playbox HD app is a one-stop solution for the online video streaming. The Playbox HD alternatives for which you are here are listed below. Before that, let’s revise. Playbox provides us with video content ranging from the latest movies and TV shows to Web Series and animes. Also, the most important fact of this app is that it available for free completely. You don’t have to pay any registration charges or monthly subscriptions in it. Isn’t it amazing?

Playbox HD is not just available for Android but also Playbox HD for iOS, Playbox HD for PC and Playbox HD for firestick and android tv box are available. We have discussed them separately, the following links are for there respective articles.

But, still few people always crave for something new every time. For them today we are sharing you a few other similar apps to Playbox HD apk. You should know this, that there are multiple applications for the same purpose but we are listing as per our use and experience.

Note: None of the below-mentioned applications are available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You need to go to the respective links provided below each one to download them and install them externally.

Top 5 alternatives of Playbox HD Apk:

1. Typhoon Tv:

Typhoon Tv apk provides you with every content on video platforms may it be movies or TV or web. It is a too one-stop solution for the video streamers. Typhoon is a good alternative to Playbox HD but one thing which is not common in both is that there are fewer servers in typhoon Tv apk than Playbox. It is also multiple platforms compatible you can have it on iOS and PC as well. Typhoon Tv app for firestick is also available.

2. Cinema HD apk:

Previously known as movie apk the Cinema HD apk is a fantastic alternative to Playbox HD apk. Cinema HD app as the name suggests is more cinema or movie-centric and this causes little stress to series lovers as they have to navigate more to access other content. Overall, this app also provides everything you need. Cinema HD is also a multiple platform app so you can have it on any of your devices too.

3. Mobdro Apk App:

Mobdro App serves as the alternative of the Playbox HD app perfectly because the user interface of this app is very similar to Playbox and the navigation style is also similar. Available on various platforms like android, iOS, PC (Windows), etc. It is very handy in terms of usage and it is light on the system too because of its smaller size. You will love it once you have used it.

4. Teatv app:

The smallest of the alternative to the Playbox HD app in terms of size is the tea tv. Light on the system this app is surely a try worthy. It is available on all major platforms like android and iOS. Also, there is a separate version for firestick and android tv boxes. The performance is really good at this size of the app. It also has a feature to see EPG guide which is beneficial for future reference of shows and upcoming movies.

5. Morphix TV:

The newest app in this segment is morphix Tv app and it is a noteworthy alternative for PlayBox HD. This app is newly built and has a spectacular user interface. The surfing through this app is smooth and navigation is simple as it could be. Finding your content is just a one-step process in it. This new and hence the servers are clean because of fewer users so it will give you the best results. Morphix Tv is too available for your iOS, PC, and other devices like firestick, Chromebook, and android tv boxes.

Final thoughts:

So, friends, these above-mentioned apps are the best we could find to replace the Playbox HD apk if you wish to do that. Playbox HD itself is sufficient enough but if you need to try another give a shot to the above apps as well. Also, if you know a few other alternatives for PlayBox HD apk then let us know in the comments or contact us for the same. You also contact us for doubts and queries as we are happy to help..!


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