PlayBox HD for PC

This article is all about solving your queries about how to download and install the playbox HD app for pc. Playbox HD is trending nowadays in the streaming world of movies and series as it includes all the features users need. Playbox HD has reached a million users so far because it is absolutely free of cost and provides almost the same features as the other paid apps. The user interface is amazing and provides a wonderful experience for its users. Other apps like Netflix charge more to its users for using the app on pc but not playbox HD as it provides the same service on both smartphones as well as PC.

Features of Playbox HD app for PC:

Play and Download offline

One of the main reasons why you should use Playbox HD on PC is that the Playbox HD app for pc has now made it possible for you to download content and view it in an offline mode. This feature may not be available on many other platforms so if you want to take advantage of this feature you should use Playbox HD on pc.

One of the few benefits are:

You can save a substantial amount of data usage on usually often watched movies and TV series episodes.
No need to worry about buffering issues due to poor connectivity issues.
Watch HD content even when you don’t have access to the internet.

Just click on download navigate through any title and look for the download button. If you want to delete any downloaded content just go to my downloads open the sidebar and click on delete.

Subtitle appearance can be changed

This is for users who are huge fans of subtitles. Mumbled lines and dialogues make it difficult for viewers to understand the story hence, subtitles make it possible to understand foreign languages and unfamiliar accents. Subtitles are best handy when listening in low volume. However, one size fit for all is not available in playbox HD however you can customize them for this go to your account and select your profile, at the top right corner click your account, scroll down and click subtitle appearance, customize the option and then click Save.

Stay up to date with notifications

If you want to stay on top of new library additions and new material to watch based on your interest you can click notifications on the sidebar so that you can see the history of new arrivals based on your viewing habits.

Stream playbox HD to your TV

You can use HDMI cable. This is out of the question if you’re on a desktop pc however it’s the most common method on windows 10 laptop just plug one end of the cable into your laptop and other ends to the TV and simply set the windows 10 projection mode to extend or duplicate.

The second option is to use a chromecast which is a device that plugs into your tv and acts as a receiver, It only works on android, ios and web version of playbox HD if you use the web version you will need to be in chrome browser however the chrome cast needs to be on the same source as device.

Instructions to download and install playbox HD on PC

Before you can use Playbox HD on pc you will need bluestacks an emulator which enables users to use android applications on pc which is very easy to setup. Follow the below instructions on how to install bluestacks on pc:

  • Go to chrome browser and search for bluestacks emulator.
  • Click the download link and wait for the application to finish download.
  • After download opens the folder and simply install the app on your pc.
  • The last step after installation is to sign up and log in using your email account.
  • Log into your account and follow the instructions.

Steps to follow after bluestacks emulator setup:

Go to bluestacks and search for playbox HD in the search menu after which you can directly download the app. However, if you couldn’t find a playbox HD app in the search menu follow the below steps to download playbox HD for PC.

  • Open your chrome browser and search for playbox HD apk file download.
  • Click on the website and search for the latest version of playbox HD.
  • Now download the playbox HD apk file.
  • Open your download folder and install the apk file.
  • Now open your bluestacks emulator on the home page you can see the playbox HD apk now you can use playbox HD on pc.

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