PlayBox HD for PC

Playbox HD for PC is not available as an .exe software or app you may say but worry not we have a fox to this. Today, in this article we are going to see how to install Playbox Hd apk for pc. But firstly, let’s know this app little better.

Playbox HD is an app which provides you the online video content on your device free of charge. To be specific it was built for smartphones i.e android and iOS based devices. The major share goes to android but Playbox HD for iOS is also available. And, now we could have it on our PC too. 

Specially for people who loves big screen viewing and love to watch videos on the PC’s we are providing Playbox on PC app here. To watch Mobile and tab is fun but to watch on PC is totally a another level of enjoyment.

Playbox HD app provides us with latest movies and TV shows and web series for which we need to pay on other streaming apps. But in Playbox it is completely free. You all might know this already as you are here already to get this app. Let’s talk business then. Moving to it’s downloading.

Few Playbox features you must know:

  • Unlimited video content which comprises the latest movies, tv shows, web series from most popular video platforms.
  • All genres of content and all categories are available.
  • Simple design of app which provides smooth surfing across app and glide through contents. User interface is the best among the competition.
  • Marking of favourites shows and movies. Auto marking of previously watched content.
  • Creating your own playlist and also the content can be downloaded in your device to watch it later when you are offline.

Download Playbox HD app for PC:

The Playbox HD is obviously not available on windows app store and also it is not available as .exe or windows software format. So, to get this app to work on your PC you need first to download the playbox hd apk file. The apk file link is provided for you to download. Download this app in your PC and store it in accessible location. Get the Playbox HD PC download link below.

Installing Playbox HD app on PC:

Installing the Playbox on PC is simple process but you need to have two major prerequisites. They are:

  • You need to download Playbox HD app on your PC to installed.
  • Your PC should have android emulator pre- installed. To be fair and by my experience I would like to suggest the BlueStacks Emulator. This app works with other emulators too, but BlueStacks is more preferable.

Now heading to the actual installation process:

  1. Open BlueStacks Emulator app in your PC. Goto it’s settings- then open app Installation settings – now enable “Unknown Sources”. This is since you have to install this app as third party because it is not available on Google Play Store either.
  2. Once, above process is done. From BlueStacks Emulator Open your file manager or my computer and find the apk file of Playbox HD in it.
  3. Click on the Playbox HD apk. The installation pop up will appear. Click on the install tab. 
  4. Now, it will ask you for few permissions, grant the permissions and let the process to continue.
  5. Installation process will start instantly and it will take few seconds to get installed.
  6. After few moments the installation would be done and you are good to go.

Thus, you have successfully installed the new Playbox HD Apk on your PC. Enjoy, the videos and movies completely free on your big screen of PC.

Final thoughts:

Playbox HD for PC with above mentioned features is truly useful. Also, you might be satisfied with the information provided to you in this article about downloading Playbox HD app on PC and installing Playbox on PC. But if you still have some doubts or queries you can always contact us to solve those.

Thanks for being here.

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