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Regents palace

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Staff[ edit ] At its peak, the Regent Palace employed over a thousand staff.

Regent palace hotel

The staff building became the Backpacker Hostel. Does Regent Palace offer free Wi-Fi?

Sincethe Crown Estate has managed the royal lands and paid its profits to the Treasury. The floor plan altered slightly over the years, but in the s was plaace follows: immediately papace entering there was a news kiosk on the left; on the right was a sandwich and fruit bar. There they built a hotel called the Regent Palace, which opened on 26 May There were shared bathrooms and toilets in each passageway.

Conversion of regent palace hotel into £m retail development completed

Burberry, Hollister, Superdry and Austin Reed are opening new stores at the bottom end with space totallingsq ft. Even the inner rooms had natural light retents they opened onto the central court, whose triangular shape prevented direct overlook. Further on that side was the head-porter's counter and the reception.

It contained 1, bedrooms, but even in its later years had only communal bathrooms and toilets. Regent Palace is 7.

Regent Palace is located at Glasshouse Street 1 in Soho, 0. Does Regent Palace offer free airport shuttle service?

Tegents rooms[ edit ] The public area of the hotel was situated mainly on the ground and first regets. The entrance to the hotel was later bought by the Victoria and Albert Museum who preserved it as a ificant piece of period de. Does Regent Palace offer free parking? In postwar years it deteriorated in spite of many attempts to refurbish it, and became one of the cheaper hotels of London, catering for group tours.

When is check-in time and check-out time at Regent Palace? No, Regent Palace does not offer free airport shuttle service.

One will be turned into a Parisian brasserie by Rex Restaurant Associates, owners of the Wolseley, and is set to open next summer, while the other one is still up for grabs. The main entrance was on the apex at the intersection of Glasshouse and Sherwood Streets.

A bell in each bedroom summoned a floor maid who would then draw a bath, supply hot towels and escort the resident to the bathroom and, after use, clean it. The double and twin rooms were much wider with more furniture. The dome was of cut glass, in a triangular open central court; the main passageways on the upper floors were also triangular in layout. Beyond this was the restaurant, decorated in Art Deco style.

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Policies vary by room type and provider. How far is Regent Palace from the airport?

Many of these were accommodated in a separate staff building on the east side of Rebents Street. Beyond the bed there was a chair and small table, a closet and the window. Lead retailer Whole Foods is busy fitting out a 17, square foot store, which opens onto the newly pedestrianised Glasshouse Street and is expected to open next spring.

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No, Regent Palace does not offer free parking. No, Regent Palace does not have a pool onsite. The Crown Estate is trying to make the southern end of Regent Street more upmarket to bring it into line with the northern end, which has Apple, Banana Republic and Top Shop. The vestibule ended in swing doors leading to an area under a dome with a classic parquet floor. The hotel closed on 31 December Historic England in considered the interior of the pallace to be one of the most important features of the building.

The rather cell-like singles were very narrow, just wide enough to contain the bed and room to use the wash basin. The hotel and palacr neonhigh above the door, were visible from Piccadilly Circus. Upper floors[ regsnts regents palace The upper floors contained the bedrooms, mainly singles and doubles, without bathrooms.

No, Regent Palace does not offer free Wi-Fi. Also in rwgents hall were telephones and an entrance to a stairway leading to the residents' lounge on the first floor and the hairdressing salon in the lower floor.

This building also contained the laundry and could be reached by an over-street bridge at the third floor level, still there in [update]. When opened init was the largest hotel in Europe. Opposite these counters were three very small lifts, with a marble stairway to all floors between them. Piccadilly Circus is the closest landmark to Regent Palace.