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Sexy nurse stories

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When I travel, whether I'm riding or walking around town, hiking on a trail, or visiting a far away place, I often stop to picturegraph the extraordinary or the mundane scenes encountered along the way.

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He whispered in my ear about his six-pack, laughed, then pulled his shirt all the way up so I could see it. For blood work!

As soon as I was down there, he looked at the doctor and said, 'She's hot, huh? I press my lips together to keep from laughing.

Ben has the nurse bent over the bed, fucking her as quietly as he can. When I returned, he was butt naked and suggested that he thought it was procedure to change into a hospital gown and needed one. As I was handing him his post-procedure instructions, he pointed below and asked, 'So when this thing is fixed, do you want to have dinner? It absolutely reeks of sex in the little room at this point, so I take out some of my body spray and spurt generously in the air.

Gynecological gaffes

Moments later, the nurse comes back to the room. And yet! I panic as she opens the door and turns on the lights. I had no time to fix myself. But we totally understand that it's just make believe.

The nurse giggles and smiles seductively at him. They have given him a series of tests and countless blood draws for days to make sure he is healthy shories to donate.

Nurses gone wild

I finger her hard and fast while sucking her clit until her cute little etories bursts and throbs on my lips. I run my fingers gently down her soaking wet lips and hook them inside her. He usually hates hospitals, but he is tickled pink to be here.

She puts the cum-smeared washcloth in the sink and presses me up against the wall. Storiies cute nurse slips us both her with a wink. He has no idea that his massive boner is pitching a tent right through the blanket. Being quiet is elevating my arousal and, from the looks of it, theirs too. I apologize to her and try to leave but she stops me.

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I lean in and swivel my tongue around her clit, then suck it firmly. Then, when she feels that nurde coast is clear, she fucks him faster. She smiles and is about to walk out.

It seems they have a pool of hotties that work here. I am lost in the moment, cumming hard on her fingers, dizzy from my orgasm.

The nurse sees it and giggles. He flirted with me incessantly but I never assisted the doctor with him.

Compromised come-ons

I will check on Ben a little later on. She sucks Ben off to the point where he is very close to cumming, then she takes off her scrubs completely to straddle his cock on the hospital bed. First, she gives him slow deep thrusts up and down, probably listening for anyone who may walk in. And then he said, 'I know you want to touch it.

The nurse quickly goes back into the sexh, and I help Ben fix the bed again. I take down the paper off the window and throw it away. I try not to make any noise and continue spying. Sexy moans and slurping sounds invade the quiet corridor.

Nurses and doctors on the craziest time they've been hit on at work

I laugh hysterically, making matters worse, knowing Ben is painfully shy. I go to the bathroom beside his bed and get more giggles out while I use the facility. He holds her tight and fucks up into her hard and fast, until he cums inside her.

This knockout brunette with a delicious scent and flawless skin comes in and nrse herself. He's got the creepiest demeanor and somehow thinks he is still as attractive as he was in the '70s when he was a huge playboy.