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I am waiting for an nice down to earth lady ( age, looks, race or relationship status does not matter) to hang out once or twice a week. Just bored interested in making rview new friend.

Age: 41
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Wanting Horny People
City: Staunton, Cissna Park
Hair: Dyed brown
Relation Type: Naughty Teens Looking Fuck A Whore

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We came across this online dating site in a very roundabout way. Incredibly, when a search for matches was conducted from each reviwwe received the same search.

Why i hate – my official review

Conclusion: Stay Away From Slip. Honestly — to this day — it still remains unclear to us what these additional benefits are.

This list is all you need to succeed… Revidw 5 Hookup Sites. Instead, I was once again redirected to other dating sites. They make the rule that you have to have premium access to respond to messages, then they send fake messages from appealing profiles to convince you to do it.

My review of tells all

It will not get you anywhere near a real married woman looking to have an affair. Stated in a different way, it allows them to use fake profiles to lure you into buying an upgraded membership. We attempted to identify what additional features were offered in a VIP membership. The site is nothing but a marketing scam that incorporates the use of redirects to other networks.

Each was given a different geographic location. Funny, considering that each of our testing s was registered in locations over 1. Want to skip all the nonsense and find out which is the absolute best? The profiles have been created by them to be as tempting as possible. Keep your eyes open and read this before taking any action… The Slip.

Review — is it a hit or a slip?

They first try and drive people to Slip. These are profiles of people that do not really exist. The company even admits to incorporating them into their profiles. This site identified itself as hook-up site where you can meet married women for extra-marital affairs. However, in order to conduct the review, we swallowed hard and moved forward.

Free dating app teardowns

Is it an exclusive dating site worth investigating? Oh, and I actually made two different profiles from two vastly different areas, like 2, miles apart, different. Free Sex Tips Slip.

AffairAlert claims to be a hookup site where men can meet married women for extra-marital affairs. Whatever you do, you need to read my official review of Slip cc to see exactly why I recommend avoiding it. We were greeted by a black screen with three lines of simple text informing us that we must click on the link to prove that we were over the age of S, Slip.

Review: the scam gets exposed

Those were the questions that spun in our he when we first heard of Slip. I mean, maybe Slip.

How It Works This scam works exactly as you would assume. Leave a Comment. If you want to try AffairAlert, or any other dating site that Slip. Once you, or anyone else, clicks on the acceptance link of Slip. one currently redirects to a site called Affair Alert.

These are sites that make an impressive front to get you to want to up. First Impressions Once you put Slip. The latter is nothing more than a bait to upgrade site. new site is nothing but a giant scam.

I am look for real swingers

If you make the mistake of making a paid profile, the site gets a cut and then they move on to the next mark. I kept pushing through and took a look at AffairAlert to see what it was about. That just shows that everyone that s gets the same fake. AffairAlert creates fictitious profiles for marketing and entertainment purposes.

Is it something mysterious? I stopped after those sites, I already knew enough to form my opinion of Slip. In my book, Slip.

But, hey, they have to regiew their behinds, right? Oh, on top of that, they charge a ridiculous amount of money to use the website. Each profile gave me the exact same for women that lived close to me. This site was called AffairAlert.

Review: marketing redirect to shady affair site

Why I Hate Slip. They exist all over the place and you can actually get together with people.

The link redirected us to an entirely different site. We had not heard much buzz about it on social media, neither had we seen any advertising for it. Normally, when I see something that looks so amateur, I avoid clicking on anything related to the site, but I wanted to see what Slip.

That is why we decided to visit Slip. All Feeder Sites After a site has been around for long enough, they need to partner up with feeder