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Targeted youth support

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In particular, this work will include young people who experience issues associated with poverty and living in deprived neighbourhoods. We su;port 29 risk and protective factors.

How to make a referral

We found a reasonable quantity of evidence on multi-component interventions, which are particularly relevant to TYS, but less detail on the specific sub-groups that might be affected by them. Targeted Youth Support Workers work in partnership with young people and their families and respect their views. Many studies were not always clear that they were targeting a specific risk factor at all; they were aiming to improve a particular outcome.

We were interested both in identifying which risks are associated with the outcomes targeted by TYS, and in interventions which improve these outcomes, and so conducted this study in two parts: Component 1 identification and assessment of targeted youth support and protective factors associated with TYS outcomes, and Component 2 a rapid review of systematic reviews examining what services and interventions work to reduce the poor outcomes. We found 57 systematic reviews about what works and related these to the risk and protective factors.

The young person must: be aged 13 to 19 or up to 25 if they have special educational needs and disabilities live in Leicester consent to the referral What happens next? Building your confidence, increasing your motivation and giving you a sense of purpose. Support is offered by skilled practitioners to young people who would like the opportunity to be listened to, supported, challenged and advocated for to make improvements in their lives.


If you have submitted a referral for target youth support taregted part of an EHA, a youth worker will contact you. How to make a referral If you are requesting an early help assessment EHA or targeted youth support as part of an EHA contact Protective factors, where known, were all addressed in the reviews.

It is used to detect spam and changing its value may result in your sulport being rejected Please do not change the value of the following field. If you have submitted a referral for an EHA, your referral will be sent to the Early Help Partnership Allocations Hub for allocation to an agency to take on the role of Lead Practitioner. What did we do? SMS Please do not change targsted value of the following field.

Targeted youth support (tys)

Getting or keeping a job or training. It is used to detect spam and changing its value may result in your submission being rejected Feedback. The risk factors fell into five main areas: family, school, community, individuals and peers. The risk factors relating to drug and alcohol misuse, NEET, and low attainment were rarely addressed in the reviews. Some things that targeted youth support can help with Staying in school or college. What did we find?

Targeted youth support

They will consider the young person in the context of their family, school or educational setting and community to achieve sustainable change. We found that rarely, if ever, were all known risk factors addressed by the included reviews; for example, one out of four known individual risk factors for mental health was addressed by the interventions we identified. This often means working with young people who may not meet traditional thresholds for statutory or specialist services, but who, without help, are at risk of further problems.

Turning an ambition or talent into an achievement that you can build on. Please note, if you are completing the MARF in an alternative format you will need to send this securely to early-help leicester.

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Share via Targeted youth support Targeted youth support aims to respond better to your needs, particularly when you need extra support in your life. This either suggests that individual and family levels are more important in determining behaviour or is simply a reflection of an emphasis in research and policy on personal responsibility and behaviour change.

It is used to detect spam and changing its value may result in your submission being rejected Please enter a mobile to send details of Targeted Youth Support 12 years plus to Send SMS Send us youtb feedback Select feedback type Please do not change the value of the following field.

Exploring alternative ways of doing things with fewer negative consequences. In: Research Evidence in Education Library.

Download report pdf Targeted youth support: Rapid Evidence Assessment youht effective early interventions for youth at risk of future poor outcomes Who wants to know and what do they want to know? This information where available is included in detail in the report.

Targeted Youth Support TYS The Targeted Youth Support programme helps vulnerable young people by addressing their difficulties as soon as possible and develops tailored interventions to prevent their problems supporr. More risk factors at the individual and family levels were identified and more addressed than at the school and community levels. Keeping out of trouble and turning your life around for the better.

Further support If you are unable suppor complete the MARF online, please request a copy of the MARF in an alternative format by contacting the Early Help Queries team on or early-help-queries leicester.