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Tilley problems

If it's cold then a second pre heating is often needed, so it's useful to have more than one meths torch. Also, are you doing the 'soft-start' pump near the end of pre-heat, rather than a full blast of kerosene in one go? Helveticum CH Hi Pavel, my Tilley lsmp a bit fussy, but so far not to the same degree you have it is a lantern, not lamp too.

How about posting a video of the start up procedure you are using? There are often problems with the Lam; because the build quality is poor. Blockage in the burner tube - try pricking it, remove it and pull the pricker out to get carbon off the pricker wire another common problem or just replace the tube which can be bought from the Tilley website Blockage in the vapouriser - you generally have to sacrifice a mantle to clean out the vapouriser.

Tilly lamp - uneven light

From the first Storm Lamp in to the current XB our Storm Lamps are world famous for their outstanding reliability and quality. If you add a few photos of your lantern, then that will help us to help you, do let us know how you get on, Jeff.

Then turn the control cock knob clockwise so that the cleaning wire is up. Tilley moved from Belfast in the year Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts Tilley Lamp a dissapointment any help plse Hi I recently bought a brand new Tilley lamp which I bought for myself first and thought if it was good could possibly get a few for the group. I do hope that might help if there are steps that you may have missed before Just a guess. Click to expand Could anyone out there who has a Tilley lamp please tell me is theirs as bright as a gas lamp?

Reasons for not working properly There is plenty of paperwork in the reference library, but it's only open to subscribers. If you have any problems with your Tilley Lamp, or require spare parts or service, please do not hesitate to.

Makers of the famous tilley storm lamp

So if you are pressurising the fount and then releasing the fuel with the probkems it might not be helping. Then tighten the pump and pump it 20 times, then fit the meths torch and light it and when the flame has burned down so that it's just licking the mantle, then open the control cock by turning the knob anti clockwise and leave the meths torch fitted until the flames go out. Have you cleaned out the tank and wired the fuel feed tube?

I tillye glad to say the lamp is now working perfectly and I'm looking forward to a summer of use.

Are all parts of the burner properly tightened? JumbleDuck said: The paraffin jet at the top of the central stalk is incredibly fine, and it's cleaned out from inside by a pricker which works whenever you turn the control tap fully off. There are often problems with the modern Tilley control cock, but that depends on when your lantern was made, the date stamp will be on the bottom of the tank, but you may need a magnifying glass to see it. From the last video that's typically what I get when the kerosene is not hot enough from pre-heat.

Shetland Islands UK.

Tilley lamp a dissapointment any help plse

I am constantly surprised by people who dont know what price they should be bidding on spare parts for Tilley lamps. In that case, the only cure is to buy a new valve and stalk assembly. Now the issue I have is am I expecting too much or do I have a almp Lamp. The lantern should light fairly quickly and once it does, then gradually build probleks the pressure another strokes of the pump will be enough.

I am looking swinger couples

I know how fast I'm going, but not where I am I use Tilley lamps all the time for lighting in my house as it has no electricity. When I stand it next to a campingaz light, the gas laml is white hot bright where by it hurts to look at it directly. Our lamps are world renowned, being passed from generation to generation.

Not enough pressure - not pumping enough, leather washer poor condition, non return valve leaking, lammp round the pump where it screws in probleks the tank perished and leaking common one this or seal at the top of the tank where it goes into the tube leaking. I dont want to put a dampener on the ebay posting but there is a good chance that the price will rise as the auction ends.

My usual procedure is; - check fount has enough kerosene fuel yeah I know, sounds dumb but And to to turn it off, release the pressure in the fount by undoing the filler cap. A family business that brought practical, low cost light and heating to the world.

If the lamp has not been used for a while I would guess that it's a perished seal or a gunked up burner tube. We welcome you to our unique world of lighting and pledge that our til,ey is your guarantee of quality and reliability. Tilley was established in the early part of the 19th century.

The knob you are turning to dim the lamp is not really for fuel shut off I don't think. I suspect that the pricker has got broken, or the hole has become enlarged, provlems both, so you have too much flow.

Tilly lamp

The X lanterns were first produced inat Brent Street in Hendon, London, and have been produced for over 40 years at our factory in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Any help greatly appreciated. Tilley were also kind enough to take it back and they changed a few bits. I clean it out when I replace a mantle but have never found much gunk in there.